The USS Yellow Submarine is claimed to be the world's only funcitoning Four Wheel Drive Human Powered Amphibious Septic Tank. Sightings began during the latter period of the UFO craze that the was investigated by the Air Force in the late 1960's. The first known sighting of the URO was in Arcata California. The fuzzy picture to the left was taken by a observer of the event.   Viewers claimed that the craft rolled by them at low speeds and had creatures inside it. It then crossed over sand and then over water and finally disappeared after several such sightings over a two day period. The legitimacy of these sightings is very poor as the spectators were from Humboldt and it was the 60's. Additional information available in the government archives listed below.

(See \\GOV-MAIN\60'S\DRUGS\ARCHIVE\HUMBOLDT or samples at:

  The next sightings which make up the majority of this report, started in 1995. Similar sightings as the first occurred and continue to the present. It is the opinion of the investigators that the USS YELLOW SUBMARINE in fact does not exsist and all events described in this report are clearly the result of atmosphereic gaseous anomolies. The latest of these URO sightings is below.

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The great water crossing!

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URO Media
This newspaper below is a typical example of the tabloid style press coverage this URO receives:

    Saturday, October 16, 1998
The leading source for news on the elusive URO the Yellow Submarine.
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This picture is taken from a web site dedicated to this URO. Several Women who claim to have seen the Famous URO, Posed here in an obviously doctored photo. That The women put on their bathing suits for the picture illustrates the strange attraction that beautiful women seem to exhibit concerning this URO.

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