Pit Sergeant Storm
Take a look at this Brutal Man

Pit Sergeant Storm came into the Sub picture early on. During the first race he volunteered to replace LT. Trent on the Crew for the first day of the race. (He had to work.) He also brought with him his roommate. Ensign Wheeler. The next year Crew Chief Chris was gone on a quest in the Rainy land of Seattle. Pit Sergeant Storm stepped in and took control. His "brutal" form of delegation and leadership was a drastic change from the easy-going and comparably casual Crew chief Chris. Storm abused de-based, de-rided and de-ranged the crew. His Stern booming voice was heard many times until late into the night whipping the crew and Captain alike into a frenzy of organized activity. The Captain often was forced to pull him off of fellow crew members who would beg to leave to attend work or see their wives and children. This incredibly driven man; however, was forced to move to distant lands and has been unable to attend the race in recent years. This year however he has vowed to make the trip and will be once again be making such audacious statements as "The Yellow Submarine will suck more GLory than all the other crafts in the race put together." "I don't care if it's spinning, GRAB THAT GEAR NOW!!!"
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