Day Three

chrispaulchuckyswork.jpg Stenciling got out of hand but the cows escaped

kidsmichelleericauniforms.jpg The USS YellowSub Crew at Crab Park

crewseriouspose.jpg Decision made to tackel the mud

paulchuckrichardcasualys.jpg Sub unloaded to head to the mud



youngcrew.jpg Ready to drag


chuckprerace.jpg UP the slimey slope

ysroofpeople.jpg The Corvalis crew gets muddy

ysmovingout.jpg Abram struggles through the mud

The Finnish

subbychuck.jpg The finnish line radio report

fisheatsman.jpg Two happy Brothers

iguanafrogpresand.jpg Time for celebrations!

sgtpepperparade.jpg Captain Chuck gets well deserved applause.

mervynscircusprerace.jpg The crew greets the crowd