Day Two

The Water

kidsmichelleericauniforms.jpg The Bikini Fools in the water

crewseriouspose.jpg The Bikini Fools exit without their craft

paulchuckrichardcasualys.jpg Rivals team chaos enter the water


youngcrew.jpg The Carmaro version of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang


chuckprerace.jpg The Sub crew final salute before entering the water

ysroofpeople.jpg Dive! Dive! Dive!

ysmovingout.jpg The iguana dwarfs the sub


subbychuck.jpg The sub makes a muddy exit from the water

fisheatsman.jpg A vehical very similar to the sub gets loaded and transported to the next check point while the real sub gets the blame.

Covert Operation

iguanafrogpresand.jpg The crew denies any acknowledgement of this operation

sgtpepperparade.jpg Firebird can't believe their eyes.

mervynscircusprerace.jpg With time to spare the unidentified crew stops for a break


mervynscircusprerace.jpg The yellow sub limps to the finish of the second day after a hard race!