Day One

Before the Race

chrispaulchuckyswork.jpg Pre-race tinkering

kidsmichelleericauniforms.jpg Those snazzy uniforms don't make themselves!

crewseriouspose.jpg Three Submariners ready for action

paulchuckrichardcasualys.jpg And at Ease

youngcrew.jpg Younger recruits

On Parade

chuckprerace.jpg Captain Chuck greets the crowds

ysroofpeople.jpg The USS Yellow Submarine meets the public

ysmovingout.jpg And again

subbychuck.jpg The Captain with First Mate Subby

Meet the Enemy

fisheatsman.jpg The Big Fish thingy

iguanafrogpresand.jpg The Iguana

sgtpepperparade.jpg Sergeant Pepper

mervynscircusprerace.jpg Mervyn's Circus

The Race is On!

breakdown.jpg Well, not for long. Chain broke.

subteampull2.jpg Doh. Deathman's drop becomes less of a drop and more of a gradual crash...

chuckreporter.jpg Chuck charming the media

ysrestpresandzulu.jpg About to hit the sand dunes

paulinsidesub.jpg Bad Lieutenant Paul in his domain

ysfinish2.jpg Finish at last! 19th place...

pauldismountericachuck.jpg Chuck slithers out and Paul leaps into Erica's waiting arms...

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