Brewmaster Branco

Brewmaster Branco

Yellow Sub Ale "Honorable Captain Chuck I hereby swear my sweat, blood and life to the effort of rebuilding and improving the already awesome Yellow-Submarine. I will report for duty and nothing will stand in my way (well o.k. work during the day, during the week). I will slave until dead or the deed is done. Your humble, greasy, pit grunt, slave, crew member Neal."

      Brewmaster Branco is more than just a pretty face on the crew. He supplies us with his mysterious brews, Yellow Sub Ale and Yellow Sub Root Ale. Both his methods and location are kept in extreme secrecy to protect the coveted beverages.

      When not brewing, the Brewmaster may be seen up to his elbows in grease and dirt (his primary natural state) underneath the Sub tweaking and tuning.

      Perhaps the greatest story that may be told about Brewmaster Branco was during the 1996 race. Back then the Yellow Submarine was a work in progress. It was our second year racing and we had not quite mastered the art of breaking. As we travelled down Herrick avenue toward highway 101 the Captain applied the brakes to slow the Sub on the steep grade that led to the freeway. unfortunately, the chain linking the brake to the tires broke leaving the Sub freewheeling toward disaster.

The call went out on the radio from the captain:

"Mayday! Mayday! No Brakes! No Brakes!"

      Reacting quickly, Pit Sgt. Storm maneuvered the Pit Vehicle forward to place the truck between the Sub and the freeway. Brewmaster Branco in a selfless act of bravery, leapt from the truck and closed in toward the rapidly approaching Submarine. Throwing himself in front of the vehicle, he was able to bring the craft to a halt. Lt. Trent had exited the vehicle by this time and was able to help Brewmaster Branco in stopping the craft but without the bravery and cool nerves of the Brewmaster, we could have become another statistic for the Race Coordinator to add to her ulcer.

      More recently, Brewmaster Branco was noted for his prowess at fire walking. This curious event has been shrouded by a veil of secrecy. It is highly recommenced that you e-mail the Brewmaster and request further information on this tender issue.

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