Captain's LOG
A Picture from the past. How little did we know what a big hit stenciling would be. Now a word from our great Captain.

Monday, October 19th, Reflections on the Ventura Race

Ventura was a blast, we won ART, OFFICIAL'S FAVORITE, BEST PIT CREW, AND BEST STYLE. We received a standing ovation at the awards banquet and I have never been so moved at an awards ceremony. This all accompanies a race where we were welding at the start line, broke down in the first 1/2 mile, and towed the Sub with the Rescue truck just to make it in time for lunch.

   Being the beloved derelicts that we are, we were seen on the beach taking pictures with bikini clad women for our swimsuit edition of the calendar while racers wondered how the heck we managed to get in front of them.

   We sank in the harbor as a boot blew out, the baffle cracked, and one of the pontoons sank. We came ashore with Paul and Tony inside pedalling 1/2 submerged in the water. Once on shore the added weight of the water bent the rear frame. Shortly thereafter we all charged out into the water to help tow in the 18 kids with the monster bicycle based craft and I apologize for forgetting the name.

   As for the accommodations, we were put up in the Doubletree and treated like royalty. We ate well, our fuel was paid for, and we were hailed as celebrities. Hobart was there and was happy to see that we were keeping alive that spirit that so often is forgotten. It is the people of Ventura who most appreciated it though, as they embraced our spirit and our enthusiasm and soon were all Sub-groupies.

   Just the fact that we won Official's favorite says a great deal as to the tone of the race there. Everyone was having a good time and there was little emphasis placed on the speed, or at least it was no longer a major emphasis. Our hats off to "Clam I Am" for taking the best overall and earning the coveted Ace Ventura award.

   I wish that everyone could have been there but it was a grand journey to say the least. More than one of us went to work the next day with little (or none in the case of Lt. Trent) sleep. There is not one person who went who would say that it was not worth it and I thank everyone who was there for their spirit, their dedication, and for being part of this great thing we call the Crew!

Thanks to all

Captain Chuck USS Yellow Submarine
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