We need Sponsors!

It seems to me that the Yellow Submarine is the perfect "vehicle" to promote a company. Simultaneously, it is apparent that a company is the perfect entity to promote the Yellow Submarine.

What has brought the Yellow Submarine into existence? Sure, hundreds of hours of hard work and dedication, but the one factor that we never let ourselves forget is the sponsors. Many businesses have helped us in the past with cash, parts, and even labor.

Every year that we race we receive national attention. Last year we were able to mention Fiber Enterprises (the company that so generously supplied our custom made septic tank) on CBS this morning. We do all we can to help those out who have helped us.

We have great plans for the SUb this year and would love to be able to benefit a company as only we can, while receiving the necessary funds to succeed and excel at what we do best on and off the course.

Please help out by sponsoring the Yellow Submarine, or pass the name of the Sub to someone who may be able to help. I am confident that there is some organization out there that will make a perfect unity with the Yellow Submarine... Let's make it happen.


Captain Chuck
(916) 386-0337

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