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This page is under construction by Chuck, many of the links are still not up. Captain Chuck has now graduated and is vacationing in europe.

      I am Captain Chuck of the USS Yellow Submarine, but there is more to me than just a 750 gallon septic tank on wheels. This page is a tribute to much of what makes me who I am. Right now I am working on an Electrical Engineering degree at CSU Sacramento and building police cars at Emergency Vehicle Equipment to fund my education.
      One of my more current endeavors is a radio show that I do with my friend Paul Peters, another Engineering student. This, of course, is the Paul and Chuck Show on KSSU am1580. It airs from 10:00am till noon every Monday morning.

      For those of you out there who may be interested in hiring an Electrical Engineer my resume is available here.

      Lab Work is an integral part of education at Sac State.
Dr. Simes loves to keep us busy with new projects. One recent project was the Paul and Chuck Show Filter Project. Dr. Simes integrated filter designs along with his unique sense of humor and the desire of every engineer to receive extra credit to create this interesting task.

Since one good turn deserves another, I responded in kind with my own version of the project.

     Now presenting, the Lab forum. This is where you can catch up on current lab work and share information.

Lab 25 - Op-Amp-RC Filter Topologies

Lab 28 - OP-Amp-RC Oscillators with Amplitude Stabilization

Raw Septic Tank

Moustaches and CreativityTwo mustaches, two minds.

ToR MountainToR Mountain

To climb is to live.Tower climbing.

Rennaisance FaireConegang goes to Faire

San HedrinTower work

The Warrior in action.Check out the Warrior!

My new Ninja calculator.Texas Instruments TI-92

DeWalt 12V Cordless DrillI use DeWalt cordless tools.

This little puppy really cuts!DeWalt 12V Cordless Circular Saw

Snap-on tools.Professional workers use professional tools.

I am an Electrical Engineering Major at CSUSCSU Sacramento

"Electrical Engineers Excite for Maximum Response"

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