Corporal Chris

Corporal Chris

      Chris began his Kinetic Career as a racer on the craft "Artistic License". Back in those glorious yet humble days Chris and his crew conquered the 1995 Race Course and to this day remains the only person on the Yellow Submarine crew who has actually seen the entire course.

Here he is humbly looking on during our crew shot of 1995:

Crew 1995
Corporal Chris

      Now, we are proud to have him as not only part of the crew but as a Pilot.
He has earned his position as pilot through determination, sweat, blood, and blisters of the foot. He has pounded pavement in search of sponsorship and has come through with some greats: Artistic Needle, Tomaso's, Sears, Cal North Cellular and Ray's Food Place just to name a few. He is also one of the main contributors when it comes to labor. Whatever the job, be it sweeping the floor or slinging fiberglass, Chris is willing to do whatever it takes to get himself back on the course within a halo of glory.

      Perhaps one of his noblest of traits is that of sharing glory. While he is there to soak as much of the glory as the next person, he is always one to pass some along. He has countless ideas to share and many of them are brilliant. Chris has certainly become a valuable and welcome addition to the crew...

Here he is center stage along with the 1998 crew:

Crew 1998
Corporal Chris

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