Barbeque at Paul's House!

Machinist First Class Feist

Great thanks to Machinist First Mate Feist for putting together the meeting over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Yes, The USS Yellow Submarine willl be returning in 1998 even better than before.
With new team structuring and renewed motivation, we are on our way to a great year.
What is going to make the difference in 1998 is people. With the veteran crew motivated early and eagerly taking on the numerous responsibilites, we have a jump start on the year like we have never had before.

We will shine again, and our greatest hope and cherished dream is to make the lovely Race Coordinator Sydney proud to have us in the race for yet another glorious year!

Our next update will include assigned duties and a heirarchal order of command...

Look to the USS Yellow Submarine to have new and even more creative techniques of Creative Course Manipulation and Glory Magnetism!!!

Captain Chuck


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